Monday, December 13, 2010

Spreading Some Christmas Cheer [hint/hint/playlist]

Ahhhh I am so happy to be finished with my stressful week. It sincerely feels like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Today is also the first snow day of the year, and the day Dirk comes home, so I'm pumped. :D

We used to have this day every year in elementary school, where we'd each travel in groups and learn about the different holidays of the world. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, plus Christmas in the different countries we had always never thought over. We made crafts/ornaments for each holiday, and we did not really have to do anything else with them, besides maybe keep them somewhere in them where we can look at them every once in awhile. Sure, we learn about "French Christmas" and "Spanish Christmas" in our foreign language classes today, but I wish we still had that tradition in high school.

I am sorry to say I really do not remember those traditions, so please do not plan to stop reading just because you don't celebrate it [if you do celebrate something different, PLEASE WRITE ABOUT IT! :)].

Anyways, I was looking at Court's page, and saw this post and watched the video, and goodness it made my day. I'm no Office fanatic, but that is adorable. Especially when Jim explains Plans A, B and C. Man, I want a guy like that, and I will settle for no less.

But, randomly, once the video was over, out of nowhere, I heard Christmas music playing from a playlist on her page. It really confused me at first, because I thought at that point I had just become crazy about Christmas.

Once I realized I had not gone completely insane, ping- a Christmas miracle [idea] was born!

So, in the name of the holiday season, I want to spread some cheer for you through a special homemade Christmas playlist [baked with love!]. My Dad is convinced he sounds exactly like Bing Crosby, or Nat King Cole, I don't really remember, but he sings all of the classics. So, I tried to avoid those unless I really liked them or I found another version. Enjoy [the music, because almost all of the videos stink]!

Here we go...

1. Wonderful Christmastime- Paul McCartney
I loveee this song [oldest-looking video ever created, though]. If you have ever seen the cartoon movie Rudolph, I used to sing that song repeatedly, even in the middle of July. I didn't know it was by Paul McCartney until I looked it up just today.

2. Little St. Nick- Beach Boys
Court had this one on her list, too, but I think it is one of the better Christmas songs, mostly because it combines sunny happiness with snowy happiness. It takes a genius [or several] to combine the two.

3. Sleigh Ride- Andy Williams
I am currently jamming out to this song. I want to go on a sleighride with someone I care about, eventually. That's one of those cheesy love holiday rituals I think would be adorable, but necessary.

4. You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch [No clue]
If you are kind of a pessimist and down about Christmas [I do know some], here you go. Sorry, I couldn't find one good video.

5. Roslyn- Bon Iver
I could post Bon Iver songs forever, for every playlist, forever. They're the most perfect lullabies to lull you to sleep [actually, it's better if you don't know the lyrics- I have had this song for months, and still don't know the words]. A cold, starry night; a warm, toasty bed; and Bon Iver- I was up three hours later one night, in the middle of slumber and awareness, in heaven on Earth.

6. Peppermint Winter- Owl City
I just got this song a week or two ago. Owl City is delightful, really, but definitely this one is.

7. Snow Miser/Heat Miser
I didn't grow up in a family that traditionally watched those old Christmas movies made in like the 1960's, but this is the one thing I remember.

In order to fully celebrate this playlist, though, you need to watch Home Alone 1 & 2, and drink hot cocoa next to the fireplace under a warm blanket.

Mack :]


Courtney Thomas said...

Such an adorable office episode huh?

Kay said...

Thanks for putting this all together!

I'm getting good Christmas vibes already :)

Mack said...

Court- that video definitely made my day better. :D

Kay- no problem [thank you for sharing your musical wisdom every time you post!]. :D