Saturday, December 18, 2010

a pleasing post [by me]

things I find pleasing [especially combined]:
lightning bugs, or lanterns, or strung christmas lights.
long plaid shirts of any color.
night. fall, spring, summer, fall- it does not matter.
stars, to go along with that.
the sunrise or sunset. the change is calm.
a HUGE tent, or a cabin.
a close group of friends, all together.
someone with gorgeous eyes.
the strum of an acoustic guitar.
a soft hum, like a lullaby.
dancing to the music.
big coniferous trees, and how they whistle in the wind.
a fire.
smores, or hot cocoa.
a long hug.
an old-fashioned radio. besides that, no technology.
secrets being shared.
birds. especially owls, and birds with pretty songs to sing.
art of some sort. poetry, or sketches.
fleurs. like moon lilies- they glow brilliantly.
talking of the near/far future, and the far past.

Those are the kind of things I want to think about all the time. When I finally fall into bed and start to fall asleep; when the sun comes up from its slumber; when I am with the people I really care about. I want to gather up some friends and do this one night, with no preparation. Just hey, grab this this and this. That is the essence of it- to enjoy it on just any night.

OR, it  might just be my seventeenth birthday... :)

I wanted to finish this post by saying that I really am trying to comment more on the blogs I follow. I read most of them, I just don't reply much. But, believe me, I do wholeheartedly admire you all.


Jillian said...

This is a lovely list of wonderful things.
They are things that make me smile.

Hope you are doing well.

When is your 17th? Mine is April 14.
Darn, that rhymed.

Kay said...

This post made me super happy :)

A summer camping trip with all of those things involved would be nothing short of perfect.

Mack said...

jillian- I am doing very well. How are YOU, though? :) [mine is august 6th, so it's awhile away, but I can wait.]

kay- I was actually inspired by one of your posts, really, on thinking of nice things before falling asleep, so thank you, I guess. :) I am hoping if I ever happen to do it, it will be.