Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Friday


I'm gonna start dreaming up my dream house, and getting ready to live in it [which for me gathering random things I'd want to take with me to decorate]. A greenhouse + library is REQUIRED for my dream house, though. Ever since I read this one love story about a girl falling in love with a vampire [with the same name as my penpal, Florian], I've been obsessed with the idea of it. ♥

[If I can't afford a big house with that, though, I am going to live in either a small cottage like these in Seattle [but really anywhere] or in a cool decked-out apartment with a loft and all that OR a cabin in the woods- I'm not very picky what/where, just as long as I can work with it it'll be fine]. I'll update on mine if I ever figure it all out.

What does your dream house look like?

Macky :)


That Blond Guy said...

Happy Friday and henceforth Christmas Break!

Your dream house looks really awesome. I don't have a dream house, but my dream place to live is in a makeshift cardboard house next to the dumpster outside of an Arby's in Manhattan...

...but I like yours better!

Eleanor Roscuro said...

Your dream house looks really cool! Mine has a library and a huge TOWER. And battlements and turrets and a moat and a drawbridge, but I am definitely having a tower.

Eleanor Roscuro

Lauren said...

I'm definitely a fan of all the crazy amount of bookshelves you plan to have in your house! ;)
I'd love to have a cottage in the woods...somewhere quiet and peaceful. :)

Jillian said...

I peruse real estate websites in search of the perfect house. I never have any luck.

Except for this one house, with a red door and a really cool attic with windows that went to the floor.

Mack said...

thatblondguy- Happy [now Tuesday]! Haha- you are always very clever [even though I am pretty sure you already know this]. :)

eleanor- Towers are the best [and moats- I am a sucker for moats]. :)

lauren- This may seem like a [VERY] stupid question, but do you know me? As in in real life? You remind me of a Lauren I know who is extremely smart, very nice, and religious in a good sense of the word [if not, I'm sure you are these things anyways haha]. :D

jillian- I used to do that all of the time, but I never find real houses I want where I live [mostly because I truly do not want to live where I live now]. I like doors that are bright colors, too. :)

I HOPE YOU ALL FIND YOUR HOUSES SOMEDAY! [thanks for commenting!] :D

Lauren said...

Mack, I'm not sure! I'm thinking probably not though, considering I don't quite know anyone who refers to themselves as "Mack". ;)
But hey, it's not stupid to ask! :D