Sunday, December 19, 2010


A while back, I read a book about a girl who made plans. All she did with her times was make plans. She made plans on falling in love with a boy, with a town, with a house, with a job, and with her own life. But, what made her different from all of the other dreamers is that eventually, after gaining the courage and wanting them all so bad, she broke those plans free from the notebook she wrote them all in and made them all come true.



Aoife. said...

Oh my gawd, Mack, how on earth did you know I was thinking of something like this LIKE JUST NOW. You wiizard, you. *is freaked out*

That Blond Guy said...

I like this. Wake up, you're alive. Every night at half past eleven, I have to drive to the bar and tell my dad, "Wake up, Mom's furious," which is just a slight variation of that.

What's your plan?

Mack said...

aoife- Shh! You musn't tell others of my secret! ;)

thatblondguy- Well, my plan of my life starts unfolding in college, really, but I'm planning it now, becaus I am alive now haha.
*The boy [This part is still a dream, but I'll meet him somewhere along the way- I want him to be like Ron Weasley, or the kid I had a crush on for two years].
*A town [somewhere North on a coast either in the woods or the city].
*A house [my dream house or cabin or cottage or apartment haha].
*A job [architect, accountant, or writer; all speaking French].
*And, finally, but most importantly, the life [mine]. :)

Thank you for asking! :D

Jenna said...

Sounds like a good book!! Nice life plan!! I wish I spoke French :D
I have absolutly no idea how to work Tumblr either. The whole reblogging thing makes no sense!!
Awesome blog!! Especially love the name!!
Your new follower,