Sunday, December 12, 2010

It didn't fit like a dream [just a bit too big], but trust me, it was a dream. ♥ I think anyone can feel beautiful, in a dress like that- a dress that has beauty indescribable by words.

Speaking of dreams, I have had some bizarre ones lately. Last night, in a dream, a wasp [I am terrified of them] was perched on my ring finger. Scared to death, I tried to wave it away, but all it ended up was poking me, and when I waited for the pain and didn't get it, I woke up.

Most of my dreams either include impossibly thought-up places, like buildings with slides and rope-stairs and "elevators" you fall down. One I had was inspired by Quebec, with fantastic buildings and a slide to the center of town square. All these dreams about places is why I kind of think about possibly becoming an architect someday- it's so delightful, to me at least. :)

Another majority of my other dreams include running and moving. I slept on my stomach one night and had a dream where I was running on my knees. Like even in my dreams, I wasn't running correctly, compared to everyone else. It was super-awkward. Others, I run away from people with other people, going on adventures that I cannot complete in real life.

Mack :)


That Blond Guy said...

You're getting married?!?!

Mack said...

Ahaha- nah! I still have a couple of years to wait on that one. :)

I am a part of a club that put on a "Dress Swap" of sorts for our school, and someone was crazy enough to bring that one in. It was expensive as a wedding dress, but sadly she took it back with her when she left. :[

[Not before I got to try it on, though. ;D]

Courtney Thomas said...

Love the dress, its gorgeous!

Eleanor Roscuro said...


Kay said...

Beautifulbeautiful :)

I can never run in my dreams. Monsters, getting somewhere on time, in a race, what-have-you, running is absolutely not an option. I feel like I'm underwater.