Friday, December 10, 2010

I was almost positive that today was going to be the day where everything would come together, and all of the worries and fears I had would fall away to make room for better, easier things; nay, my world came crashing down on me in more ways than I had ever imagined. At least there is no big test tomorrow.

I'm reliving the same problems I had two years ago, so much the same that it's uncanny. Is today an episode on a sitcom broadcasting on the other side of the world? Tell me world, how does this episode end? History always repeats itself- we just have live through it or study it to know what to do when it happens again. I will make sure the ends will not match.

For the first time, I cried reading a book, mostly because I expected it to read like the 5th-grade reading level it seemed, like the author's other novels, but it was in fact at the high-school level. Smiles to Go, by Jerry Spinelli. Also wrote Stargirl. And Maniac McGee. The same author I read from in primary school, I read again as an eleventh grader in high school. It was more heartfelt than any other novel I had ever read. Even though it's heart-wrenching, I whole-heartedly recommend it. Very profound- made me think about things, but things I'm too tired to write out. I'll post an explanation/quote here tomorrow sometime, hopefully.

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