Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I can't tell if he likes me or if I just make funny faces when I eat.

This is actually something I wrote yesterday, but felt it wasn't enough to "blog" about until today. When actually, like I had thought, the answer I am pretty sure is the latter of the two. I am just going on a hunch, of course, but from seeing him with a girl hung under his shoulder, I'm gonna stick with my gut on this one. Some of you know that is just how it works sometimes [or for me, as of now, all the time].

But I am incredibly proud of myself for not letting this one situation in life waste me away, as most things of the past have done.

Single swagger here. [I feel weird just typing that, because that is totally not me at all, but this song is kind of catchy.]

You ever notice those odd, almost ironic situations in life? Those moments where the irony is so subtle, but it feels like it is all written in a book somewhere? I was on the bus this morning, watching out of the window as the sun began to just rise and barely hit the snow, when we passed the meat-packing factory in our town [or at least that's what I think it is]. There was the silhouette of a man looking out of a window there, regarding the highway and the outside world. It felt odd, to know that someone can be looking out of a place where everyone is so curious as to what is on the inside [the whole meat-packing process]. Personally, I am just slightly interested as to what our "meat" is made of, really, but would prefer to just eat my meat in peace [if you do know please do not tell me].

Another moment was when I went up into my coach's room to take a test [an academic team tryout test- don't judge] during his plan period. The room was eerily quiet, compared to how boisterous it is during academic team practice. But it was serene and calm, like the placid water of a lake. I could look out the window [it was about 10:30, when the sun is still just rising], and the light glimmered off of the snow like gold.

I don't know- I'm just confused as why I can pick out all of these elements of literature in real life, but I am not even novice at picking them out in actual literature. But at the same time, I really am thankful for these little moments that work like real thoughts, original ideas that actually aren't written in a book, but are written in your mind.

Everyone in my school is hoping for a snow day tomorrow, so you might see more of me very soon,
Macky :D


That Blond Guy said...

ACADEMIC TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love those types of movements. They're what make life worth living, instead of just staying in your room eating pretzels and watching Family Guy on Hulu.

Kay said...

After all, fiction *is* based off of reality.