Wednesday, June 1, 2011

quite sad.

I've had to hold back tears several times just today.

Tomorrow is my last day of junior year, but that has nothing to do with why I am sad. In fact, looking back on this year, besides the beautiful friendships that have flourished, nothing particularly special has happened. Next year, will be harder, but I think I will enjoy it more (although socially I will cease to exist). I will study AP European History, AP Calculus (which will be quite difficult), AP Literature & Composition (not looking forward to it, for reasons I'd rather not explain), 2 College Classes, Fashion & Interior Design (:D), Physics, and one other class. Once again, the tears start forming under my eyes...

I am signed up for AP French IV, but I am so afraid of my future in that class. My favorite (French) teacher is leaving, and I don't know how to handle that. Generally, as students, we run back and forth from teacher to teacher, class to class, with our favorites in mind each year, and after that specific year we forget about them and move on. I have had HB (that's what all of her students call her) for 3 years now. She is the person that really made me succeed and enjoy French as a language and as a culture. She has given me the confidence about the French language that I never even had with the English language, as well as the experiences that go with learning a way of life that isn't similar to our own.

I'm trying to decide whether or not anything can be done, being that our last day is tomorrow and that apparently they have already hired her replacement, but it still doesn't feel right to just sit here. I am sure her replacement will be fine and "qualified," hopefully, but they better be a pretty amazing teacher to even begin to replace her in spirit.

Sorry. Sad rant over. I shall take a walk now.

Mack. :/

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That Blond Guy said...

I find walks always help. Always.

I think the new year will be better than you expected, especially if you make sure to go into it with very low hopes and even lower expectations. That's always been my philosophy for life, and it's gotten me far.

Happy summer!