Monday, June 20, 2011

all ideas become one, eventually.

I love the way the ferris wheel shoots streams of neon colors in the background near the end, and that you can hear the song and the waves whilst watching the sun dip into the ocean. There is very little I wouldn't give to be there- even if it were a hallucination, it would be a dream in itself.

But today I stumbled upon the danger of dreaming, once again. People daydream of perfection, of twisting their surroundings into what they want life to be. But once they take off those rose-tinted glasses, they have to return to the real world, a world with some comfort but no perfection. Somebody in a book (Paper Towns, actually) once said that the fun wasn't in doing something, but in planning it, and this is the truest thing I've ever known but not realized. You can imagine perfection- I think that is why I daydream constantly and consistently of happiness- but you cannot live it.

I daydreamed for hours about my future home/cottage today. I've always looked to interior design as an inspiration and a hobby. I know that people say to "Follow your dreams" and "Do what you want to do with your life," but honestly I cannot.  Alas, writing and interior design don't earn enough money- that doesn't utilize your talents, my parents tell me, so they push accounting and engineering pamphlets down my throat. But in my dreams, that is all alright. There are no struggles with money while I am dreaming, so that is where I reside- in my dreams.

Today specifically, I've looked at so many pictures of houses that I can close my eyes and simply imagine walking through "my" house. I have always wanted a greenhouse connected to the house, and every living space to have its own unique style. I don't even care for the outside of the house- as long as it can hold all of my dreams and lovely things, it will do. I think that summarizes how I feel about people, too, but I don't feel like explaining my vague metaphor.

mack. :)

This post is like a week old, but I just haven't come up with anything new. You can't always have a creative, new idea ready to develop.

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Kay said...

I absolutely love reading your posts :)
I was in quite a bad mood, but reading your musings about dreams and cottages just completely turned it around.