Friday, June 3, 2011

how to have an invincible, dangerous, lovely summer


Summer: a period consisting of no school, a 5-week summer program, my birthday, and maybe some relevations and good times along the way.

Bumbumbumm. My long summer list. If you read my list last year, most goals are the same, but I added some more, too.

There are already some things I am being forced to do, like:

[] Finish my summer work- I'll hopefully do this before the last week before school. I have soo much.

[] Studying for academic team- My coach wants me to get in the top twenty or so in the state. In TWO subjects! That will take a lot of work.

[] Volunteer doing different things- Thanks, Mom, for signing me up to do things with strangers.

[] Go to my 5-week summer program

BUT, there are some things I have set on my mind to do this summer, like:

[] Go to a concert- I really want to go to Warped this year! Or maybe just another band that I enjoy. Probably with Dirk again, or maybe someone with the same musical taste.

[] Go on a run/jog every once in awhile- I can do this is at my program (if I have time). I'm hoping maybe, because they have a couple of tracks of campus, I could meet someone who would "run" with me.

[] Spend a whole day reminiscing- It never fails to cheer me up, or teach me something new about myself.

[] Make a new friend OR, help a friendship blossom- The summer program is made to meet new people that you become friends with for the rest of our lives. My teacher got married to one of her GSP buds- my friend, a year later, still gets teary-eyed about how amazing her experience was. I refuse to be shy and unconfident at this program, because if I am I will probably not enjoy those 5 weeks at all.

[] Send my best friend a card- We will both be in different cities at diffferent programs for 5 whole weeks. My own form of contact with my family and friends is through the very little time I can use my cell phone. I always will have the trusty United States Postal Service.

[] Leave special messages in books- I actually have accidently done that before, but these will be on purpose. Also being on a college campus, where most people are pretty chill and interesting, will probably provide a breeding ground for this new movement.

[] Try a new food/type of food I'd normally never attempt- I probably will end up trying Asian food and/or Starbucks. Most people look at me funny when I say that I've never tried either one. Sorry, I am not your regular trendy teenager.

[] Get a new hairstyle I actually can do- And like. I've been considering cutting it radically short.

[] Write a story I actually like- And that story will probably be my story I started in 9th grade, got 20 pages finished, and then never could finish from a lack of inspiration.

[] Have a birthday party this year- This has been on my mind for a really long time. I have always wanted to party like Marie Antoinette. With this goal, includes playing a huge game of hide-and-go-seek and camping out under the stars AND walking up on my secret hill.

[] Dance down a busy street- I am sure that at my program, there will be people just as crazy as I am.

[] Take more pictures than I ever have before

[] Go on an adventure- Imaginary or not.

[] Have a full-blown epiphany

[] See some good movies- HARRY POTTER. And possibly The Hangover (both of them).

[] Bake something- With or without setting anything on fire. Possibly Tie-Dye cupcakes.

[] Draw up my future plans for my future house/cottage :]

[] Fall in love...- With my lovely self. Mwhaha. I don't need a man to be happy.

[] Write about my goals and adventures as much as possible

[] Be happy :D
Summer will NOT be a bummer. What are YOU doing?


Eleanor Roscuro said...

I like this list! I haven't tried Starbucks either, but I'm not a coffee person. Do they have tea in Starbucks? You'll have to tell me. Also, the closest Starbucks to me is in Dublin, far away, so maybe when I'm studying in college, a cool twenty-something, maybe then I'll get into Starbucks. Or something.

Nice list.

Eleanor Roscuro

Mack said...

Thank you! :) I'm not a coffee person, either, but I'm hoping for something that tastes like chocolate or strawberries. I'm not sure if they have tea, but I will most definitely tell you when I find out.