Thursday, June 23, 2011


I leave in three days. I hoped someone special would remember, but they haven't mentioned it yet. Maybe tomorrow- I'll cross my fingers.

Today was strawberry lemonade.
It was Milky Ways and running away
Not a drop of gray or any foul play
Today was a painting by Monet.

I'm one of those people who whole-heartedly believe that every day, there will always be good and bad things about the day. Getting my ACT score early was the good thing. Getting my haircut was the bad thing.

Remember my story, about getting my hair cut? Apparently those were too high of expectations, and I now look quite androgynous. Or Justin Bieber-esque. I'm not sure which description I prefer. It'll get better, though.

I've found myself reminiscing alot as-of-late. I've taken several very important people in the different parts of my life and traced back every good memory I could think I've shared with them, and pondered every fact about them I could remember. For some reason, it is always boys- it feels weird to think about girls, and boys just always seem so permanent. All of my girl friendships never lasted. Boys don't get angry at you and not talk to you for several months. I'm not sure how people can even like girls- they are all kind of selfish sometimes, but I guess boys probably are sometimes, too. It is so wonderful, though, just to think back on all of the good times- the happiness seems to seep forward, regardless of time. I suggest that you try it some time. I might make a list of some happy thoughts, but later.

*mack. :)

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