Friday, June 3, 2011

it's been one long year...

I never wrote for my blog's first birthday. It was always looming in the back of my mind, to get it over with, but I always thought it was only a small while ago. It was actually about a month ago (my first post is dated as being 8 may, 2010). Whoops! Happy Birthday (Mackenzie's blog that is always changing its name)! (:

It feels like I've been blogging forever- maybe it's just because blogging/writing feels like a part of my daily routine now. I've been through alot this year- a bunch of relevations, a millions experiences, and some very good friends. Junior year has been very rough, but I've watched my enemies and my obstacles crumble (mwhaha) in favor of a brighter and happier future for me.

Today is also the beginning of a new period in my life- the first day of summer. Summer- how I've missed you. My summer11 to-do list is an upcoming post, so look forward to it. :)

This band is now history, but listen to it anyway.

MACK. :)

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