Monday, June 13, 2011

getting a haircut.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She desired for a change to alter her sad self. So she decided to get a haircut- that's what her momma had always done, and she had always come back with colors in her hair and a wider smile. She handed the stylist a picture of what she wanted her hair to look like, and when the stylist spun the girl around to face the mirror, she looked into her own blue-green eyes and saw a twinkle. Then her eyes quickly twisted upwards to her unruly eyebrows. She sighed and let her eyes wander through her hair. There were so many things that laid in her medium-length hair, many that could not be fixed with styling or highlights. In her hair, she could see all of the things she held onto. She remembered, remembered when a boy told her that she held onto too many things. How could he know that, when she didn't even notice that she was holding onto things? Right there, sitting in that chair, she thought about everything she had held onto.

She held onto her kindergarten crush that dumped her, the one she cried over on the playground afterward. She held onto all of the kids that made fun of her for her speech impediment, the same speech impediment that took her almost four years to get over. It kept her from speaking up, from talking to people. She held onto the boy in fifth grade that she was surely in love with, but her parents forbade her from seeing. She held onto the bully's remarks, a bully that tortured her from eighth grade to sophomore year. It took the girl years to get over her evilness, but once the bully fell from her high horse, the girl felt empowered- as though all of the remarks crumbled, too. She held onto all of the empty crushes that she had terribly hoped would work out, but never did. She even held onto that boy, that boy that seemed so perfect for her, but was interested in someone else.

She felt the scissors snip away, and watched every lock as it floated onto the floor. She had held onto these ugly ideas for years, but that day, she noticed that the ugly ideas she was holding onto were not her "memorable" childhood, but her way of blaming her problems on exterior factors. She was the one making them matter, she was the one making herself feel ugly. She finally let go, closing her eyes and feeling her head as it became lighter.

The girl waltzed out of the salon, her smile shining brighter than ever before. She had always hidden behind bangs, but now she would not be able to. Her hair was very short, and it perfectly framed her beautiful face. But it wasn't about this haircut that was her metamorphosis- it was the happiness from inside of her that now exuded from her face.

her hair looked a little like this.

mack. :)


Jessi LaRue (Jessi Haish) said...

wow, that was beautiful. fantastic writing! You have talent.

Mack said...

Oh wow- thank you so much! I really appreciate that, especially from a writer as talented as you. :D