Thursday, April 18, 2013

mushy gushy heart stuff

Today is National Boyfriend Day. Thus, I have decided to write you all a little post, in his honor, of the fifteen things I love most about my boyfriend. I had to count them, but we have been together for almost fifteen months now, although we have also been acquaintances/friends for almost eight years, and that is some beautiful stuff.

If you all do not remember, my boyfriend's name is Ryan. This is the same boy that I have had an on-and-off crush on since, umm, two years and some months ago- I believe that fits the time frame. I used to blog about him (and some other boys) throughout my entire high school career. So, to all you girls crushing on that one boy: my story says it can work out, with patience but also when knowing the time is right. Anyways, the protagonist of this list is the boy that did that kind deed of giving money to a man at a Cracker Barrel. I wrote about the whole incident here. And actually me going back and reading that post just made me tear up a bit about how this whole miracle (I cannot call it anything less) unfolded.

So, here it goes.

1. His humor and love brightens not only my life, but everyone's lives around him. He is just like this radiator of warmth and happiness, and I cannot stop myself from being around him as much as possible.
2. I love love LOVE his beard, with its appropriate thickness and brilliant specks of gold and red in it. And his sparkling blue eyes. And his big strong arms. I know this is a very shallow point, but I had to make known those physical attributes at least once.
3. Like the sheep in the Bible's verse, he once wandered from God for a while. But it was amazing- I like to think he wandered from the flock to come and get me, lost, and bring us both closer to Him. He took a chance on me, and although it was not good in the beginning, it is becoming what is good. And that is a kind of gift that I can never express enough gratitude for.
4. I love when he sings in the car, and when he tears up a little bit every single time he sings Amazing Grace. He makes me feel comfortable enough to sing around him, even though I do not do it too often.
5. He always, always, always has hope.
6. It is so fun, how we can go from making out to hanging out in seconds flat. I mean, we are definitely trying to cut down on the making out and do more of the just hanging out (and we do not really have arguments too much at all), but it is all on a way towards good, balanced love.
7. When he messes up, he really tries very hard to make it up. It is so cute.
8. Probably how well he gets along with my dog. My dog loves him- like Bacon gets excited and wants to play as soon as he comes through the door. It is so precious.
9. Ryan calls me Button, and I just think that that is the cutest nickname ever. :D
10. He takes me on adventures, and we make some beautiful moments together (a lot of which I have written about here, or are just plainly stamped into the most commonly-used synapses of my brain).
11. His family loves me! I know this is kind of a weird one, but although his family is often loud and much more different than my family, they are so loving and give me the same love.
12. He gives heavenly massages that I miss quite often when I am away.
13. He shares his bacon with me. That is the most romantic thing haha. ;)
14. He has never in our relationship made a promise to me that he did not follow through on (okay, maybe one).
15. He loves me. Like so much. In an awkward, but painfully beautiful kind of way. And this equally awkward and painfully beautiful girl is perfectly content with that for her life. And I would not (nor advise anyone else) to settle for anything less than that.

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