Sunday, April 21, 2013

what do I honestly want out of this summer?

Go to Coney Island occasionally.
Spend a rainy day watching old movies.
Write a story.
Get my full driver's license.
Make RC floats/s'mores often.
Learn how to make Ryan's sweet tea.
Throw a party (birthday or no-occassion).
Buy a pet fish and name him something like Magellan.
Collect more earrings and ankle bracelets and bracelets.
Join a bible study for the summer.
Read a few books (Redeeming Love is one).
Get Ryan to buy me flowers.
Get Ryan to make me a list himself.
Make art.
Read in the library with friends.
Get a bunch of balloons!
Take more (funny/artistic/random) pictures.
Go to the Mexican restaurant in town.
Visit in Illinois, and stop by New Harmony.
Pet a bunny.
Pray, and often.
Go outside and experience the beauty God has put in the world.
Get over my fear (a little bit) of singing in front of other people.
Quit worrying so much.
Make an elaborate and yummy meal one morning/evening.
Get a hairstyle I like (and get the color out).

Once again, it's flexible, it's lovable, and it's mine.


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