Thursday, January 6, 2011

A random thought to start off... inertia exists concerning life, too. It doesn't feel natural for people to go from calm to busy instantaneously. As we face problems or change, all we wish to do is run away from them- run to the only place, idea, or arms- that will shield us from having to deal with it all. Only negative problems apply, though- those delightful surprises we face in life are eagerly accepted. This kind of goes with my last post, just a bit in the subject of life, except today I had the delight of having these surprises sneak up on me:

*Learning I was second round of selection for a really good summer college program, and that the selection committee at our school felt pretty confidently about me.
*Getting an almost good enough grade on my science test for an overall A in the class.
*Seeing my favorite science teacher for the first time since he moved to another school (even though I didn't say hello).
*Doing smashingly well in academic team practice today.

Now that I'm in a good mood, on to the New Year's topic! I created my resolutions the fifteen minutes before midnight (because I like to do things last minute- I should probably try to resolve that...) in Illinois, which in reality was an hour later than all of friends' back in good ol' Kentucky. Here they are, for all that they are:

*To read more on subjects I find interesting (because I rarely read as much as I have in the past)- architecture, social analysis, accounting, French, creative writing, psychology, dreams, fashion, fantasy...
*To eat healthier and exercise more (because the last eight months my butt and the couch have become the best of friends)
*To be on Facebook less, and Blogger more :)
*To become more social
*To try new things- like wearing dresses and skirts with no formal reason
*To continue to grow as a person, but also to not forget those people around me that I care about the most
*To not fall so quickly and so deeply for any idea
*To save money and spend it only on the things I cherish most
*To not become so obsessed with my physical appearance
*To become more spiritual- maybe even try a youth group of some sort?
*To let myself be more positively influenced than negatively influenced- along with that, to not be discouraged after/during trying times
*To hug people more
*To drink more water
*To make dumb mistakes, but besides that have no big regrets from 2011
*To appreciate/discover more
*To think less, and do more

mack. :)


Aoife. said...

These are really the best ny's resolutions I've read - I know that is an odd compliment to give. I might have to steal some for my own list - if ya don't mind. ♥

That Blond Guy said...

You really post interesting stuff. Seriously, I love reading your blog. I'm never disappointed by your posts.

Sound like good resolutions. Wearing dresses and skirts? My resoultion is to STOP doing that! For some reason, it freaks people out when I wear women's clothing. (Sigh.) Society is so close-minded sometimes.