Friday, January 21, 2011

The Hairdresser, In the Salon, With the Pair of Scissors


It's really quite funny, how much I value my hair. Kids these dayz make hair such a huge part of beauty, but it's all dead skin. Nevertheless, I've fallen into this trend also. I have a snow day night tonight, so I wrote a poem about my insecurities [exaggerated, of course]. I call it "A Sucky Poem on Why I Don't Have a Boyfriend."

I used to like my eyes,
'Til they started looking cross-ed
And no one liked my pictures
On my five social network sites.
I used to like my shortness,
'Til I couldn't reach the candy cabinet
And my parents stared
while I climbed the counters
At age 15.
I used to like my thin-ness,
but then I stopped exercising
And started stuffing my face with trash
Including ice cream
because I spent my fridays
On the computer
Lying next to my fat dog.
I used to think my face was cute,
'Til I figured my face is all assymetrical
Or it just wasn't glued
 on the pretty girls' heads.
I have always hated my eyebrows
and that's that.
I used to like this cute little freckle on my cheek,
I still like that freckle.
It's super adorkable.
But that's about it.
Seen in the crowds
All unattractive to view
Well besides my soul
But no teenage boy
Sees or desires that...

It was almost funny to write that, just because I really don't feel like that [well, most of that]. It's really sad, how it seems like half of the girls evaluate their looks like that. But, honey, it doesn't matter if the beautiful mask you're wearing is hiding your monstrous ogre of a soul. Eventually, the tables will turn. People will see with their hearts and not with their eyes- it takes a kind of maturity people don't usually get 'til they're older. But the one physical thing I will always, ALWAYS, have pride in is my hair [and that adorable freckle], and the one overall thing I will always have pride in is my soul [as you should also], as much as I hold it in from people sometimes.
I can't decide, though. :/
A little dose of sunshine on a cloud day here,
Mack. :D


Aoife. said...

I love the poem that you wrote, I suppose it sums up what alot of people (ie: me)feel when going through that awkward i-just-want-to-look-like-x-person.
And ah love me some Jason Mraz. :)

Kay said...

Ugh, that poem sums up a bunch for the majority of single girls in our age group :/

I think everyone's beautiful. It just takes a while for everyone to realize that :p

That Blond Guy said...

Hey, I like that poem--it was pretty funny and very relatable to teenage girls as well as teenage guys who sometimes pretend to be teenage girls when no one is around.