Saturday, January 22, 2011

a collection of failed attempts

I never do picture posts, so here's one. Don't laugh- I don't have a fancy camera or know how to edit or anything of the sort. Ever picture has a story, though. :)

I'm never taking that aluminum Christmas tree down. Ever. It was my grammy's, until she gave it to my family- the box says it was made in 1969 or something. But this has been my view for the last couple of weeks, due to snow days.

The view from the window on the back of the house. I'm pretty sure I've only seen the grass for a total of a week since Thanksgiving.

Also my grammy's camera (now mine), from an unknown year long ago. She said my grandpa got it in Chicago and bought it off of a Mafia member. It's kind of busted (as in I'm pretty sure I can't get it repaired), but you can still see stuff through it. My grammy's really cool, though, because although she can't afford a ton, she still has her cool stories and her heirlooms.

My less-than-succeeding attempt at making a heart with the mirror. I love doing that sign, though. Spread the love. :)

Haha- I tried to do a trendy picture of my closet, but instead you just get a picture of some of my clothes. :P

Hey look- that's half of me! I really like this picture though- most of my pictures involve this camera nowadays, just because I think it's so cool.
To make this post something more than photos, here's five secrets about me/thoughts I've been pondering on.

1. When I was a kid, I lived in a little culd-de-sac, and across the street there lived an old couple. Their house was small, and it had natural hues of forest green and wood. Sometimes, on summer nights, my parents and I would walk over to their house. Our parents would talk, but I always came over to look at the flowers. They had a type of flowers (lilies, maybe?) that would glow in the dark. I dearly really want those glow-in-the-dark flowers, when I'm older and have my own house.
2. I love playing music and dancing while putting up the clean dishes. Those activities go hand-in-hand, really.
3. I've only been online on Facebook maybe three times since the summertime. I dunno- Facebook has become less entertaining for me, and more stressing fake social interaction.
4. My Valentine's Day will probably be spent alone, but that's how it works sometimes. I'm sixteen- I shouldn't really be worrying about things like that. I have other things to worry about besides boys- like my schoolwork (hahaIMMAGEEK) and my happiness.
5. I just got like two inches of my hair cut off. It looks fantastic... for now. I'm really excited for it- except I'm kind of scurred of whether or not I'm going to be able to get it looking back like this on Monday (but at the same time I don't want to bore you with yet another picture of my haircut on this post haha).

With liberty and justice for all- wait...
Mack. :)


Aoife. said...

I really liked your pictures! And I always say that a good camera doesn't equal good photos. That's like saying a good oven makes good food.

Kay said...

That's a mad cool camera :) I have a camera that was my grandfathers, and it still works! It just amazes me to think of him looking through the same lens over 30 years ago at my mom and her sisters and the grand canyon and all sorts of other things.

Lovely post :D

Rachel said...

I found this blog by complete accident while jumping around my own blog. I fell in love. You have a new follower, and a bigtime fan. <3 You're fantastic.

Olivia said...

That second picture looks gorgeous. I CAN'T TAKE GOOD PHOTOS, IT'S NOT FAIR!