Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ahhh. I feel so refreshed- like my mind went to a day spa or something.

I've traveled deeper into life through the medium of music these last couple of days, wading in all the experiences I'd missed out on before.

This is the most I've ever felt like I know who I am. The most I've ever felt like me: Macky.

You know why? I've finally gotten over my inferiority complex. Well, for now. It's absolutely glorious, to feel happy finally with who I am.

I've felt the roots under the soles of my shoes. They branch farther & deeper than any one person can remember.

Going to where you know you belong can do that to you, you know. I belong in Illinois, not here, four hours away. After this summer [and almost even now], there's nothing really anchoring me down to this place. Emotionally, at least. Monetarily, I'm stuck here until I graduate.

So now, on to what you've been waiting for: polka-ing. My grandparents apparently like to watch "Big Joe's Polka Show" every Saturday night. I discovered this while we were there. Fascinating, really- people from 20 years ago in normal clothes [for 20 years ago], just with now-ridiculous haircuts [several mullets] and suspenders. The most amusing part of it was listening to the people sing in different languages. I don't mean to sound mean, but ever since my friend did a project involving "Fahrt en de Zukunft" [something like that], I can't help but giggle at anything sounding like that.

I like tasteful accordion music, though- not going to lie.

Anybody wanna be my polka partner? :]

Love, Macky

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