Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dear *******

I don't think I'll ever be able to tell you how I feel. We've only talked twice, but for some reason, I've liked you. I liked you, and then I wouldn't, and then I'd like you again, and then I wouldn't again. Back & forth, back & forth, for like two years. If you haven't noticed it, you are insanely oblivious.

Why it always come back to you?

One: You honestly have the most beautiful eyes [Is that okay to say about a boy? I'm not really sure- it's just true].

Two: You liked me when I was invisible to just about every other guy in the world, when I wasn't even comfortable in my own skin. When I look back and feel like I was at my worst.

It was awkward, but exciting. I'd look forward to all the petty ways [that were kind of weird sometimes] that made it seem like you really liked me. But, sadly enough, my shyness stifled me from doing anything about it. I couldn't even talk to you. The first time I tried didn't really work out.

You saw me hanging out with Dirk. He's my best friend, not my boyfriend. And then, you stopped trying. All those little things stopped, and I was crushed when I heard a[nother] rumor that you liked ****, the typical "dumb blonde" cheerleader. Hmmph.

Once again, my confidence broke. And that's when [and why, a bit] I went out with my first "real" boyfriend. Yeah, thanks so much [NOT].

Now, I'm way comfortable with myself. I'm more happy with who I am, and what I do, and see myself more positively. I'm still shy, but slowly working away from that. Dirk's gone now, and now I have to make "closer" friends. I still kind of like you, but understand you don't feel the same. That's alright, I guess. I'm the stupid girl who always has hope for everything still, and until something happens, hope's there for everything.

This is my favorite song. I found it when I started liking you. Here.

That One Geeky Girl.


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Kay said...

Sounds like a rollercoaster :/

I hope everything works out... it always does [: