Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lovely Bones

rose bloom
coats the tips of your fingers,
Drenched where your spirit thrives.
Your hands
Not like
your hefty heart
So dainty, shape and size.
The arms
Your scars
Like shining stars
They make you weak, not strong.
So wet
From people, upset,
Like that's where they belong.
Your face,
Oh, your face,
It doesn't matter.
Don't worry now,
The mirror won't shatter.
A lovely soul,
And lovely bones,
Them that way's best,
That's all that matters.

[ Tell me what you think, please. :D ]

Listen to THIS. Gorgeous, pure voice. People like this make me wish I could sing.


Kay said...

You wrote that!? It's freaking BEAUTIFUL! <3

And that girl has a wonderful voice...

Mack said...

Aw! Thanks SO much! :DD

And yes. Yes she does. :3