Saturday, May 14, 2011

things have taken a turn for the weird.

I think, in the zombie-like manner I was in last night, I stereotyped a majority of the population of teenagers as punks with pink hair and tattoos that fight for fun, curse until the words have no meaning, and throw glitter everywhere. That thought, of course, occurred at a very tired time of one o'clock in the morning.

Last night was my junior prom. It was on Friday the 13th, and nonetheless the night had its (bad) moments, but I quickly noted that worrying about them would get me nowhere, so I went on with my night and had a fantastic time (which was good because I'd never been able to do that before). :)

The only regret I have regarding that night was that although I received so many compliments on my hair and my dress, I never could gather up the courage to ask him to dance. The "Treasure the Night" slogan printed on our prom t-shirts never was so ironic.

Summer is on the horizon, and it winks its comforting sky-blue eyes at me in a haughty manner, just to tease me and just about every other teenager on the planet (not all, but most). The happiness will come, believe in that. :)

I know one could argue that this has to be the worst "prom" photo of mine, but I'm too self-conscious to put too many more.

I'll put this one, though. :)
 song in my head: i wanna hold your hand by the beatles,
mack. (:

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