Friday, April 29, 2011

change of name, change of game.

watch the sunset drip off her fingers
onto the cold wet dew beneath
her flowing free fancy feet
she can now begin to breathe
finally the night lingers
the time of her content.

watch her through the trees
she sits on the old ground silent
watching the sun fall over the
home she knows.

she knows the sun falls down
only to let the moon rise up
there's always light of
new time, dim or bright.


I'm sick & sniffly today, but today was a good day to end a bittersweet week. My successes have oddly sparked more successes, while my stress from present events has skyrocketed into a new atmosphere. I haven't gotten a lot of sleep lately, but I will soon. Laying in my bed now seems a whole new experience, as my mind races to new thoughts and happiness in the darkness and solitude of my own mind. Sorry if none of this makes sense.

Some happy things on my mind today:
pink limonade with ice
wood smoke, rising from a bonfire
dancing in a circle
hearing the quiet sound of an acoustic guitar through the thick evening air
hugs & holding hands
plaid shirts
the sun setting and hitting you straight in the eyes
not being able to see another house out your front door
driving by, seeing old people sleeping in chairs on their front porches
that one chord my friend played on the piano tonight
the double rainbow that everyone else saw yesterday (except for me)
serenity now, or something new
knowing that other people, no matter how close, will always have mysteries about them

won't stop- one republic.


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Eeshie said...

Jeez. I'm getting goosebumbs from how good that poem was.