Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Shall Teach You a Lesson Instead of Writing a Sweet Nonsensical Poem

wandering aimlessly through the forest

Sorry, that thought was brought to you by the time before my thoughts were interrupted by a phone call from my best friend last night. That went fine, by the way. What was worse was what came later- the text.

It was supposed to be an innocent, nice little chain message. Just one of those pass it along texts, usually from people you don't care about that you send along, hoping for the special situation to happen. My 13 year-old cousin sent me one saying "send this to 10 pretty girls and the guy of your dreams will tell you he likes you." It also added, as a warning, that if not done, "karma will pay! :O"

Let's just say I didn't do it, and the karma did pay. In the exact way that karma could take its toll.

So, concerning chain messages, they can be quite true. I didn't believe it, until now. Hahahaha- oh the irony, even though my heart is slowly breaking. I give you permission to laugh at my expense.

Seasons- Chase Coy
(check it out on iTunes- no video yet, I think.)



Jade said...

i've gotten those kind of messages on old blogs, one was about jesus or whatever. i didn't listen. i simply responded, "Creep". but wow i guess you got some karma, huh?

That Blond Guy said...

I hate those chain messages. Absolute rubbish. The Christian ones bug me post of all. I'd like to find the man who introduced e-mail to the Evangelicals, tie him up, and spoon-feed him peanut butter until he weeps. That'll show him.

For the record, I always love the nonsensical poetry!