Thursday, April 14, 2011

a quick update

The best feeling to an exasperated student: knowing your hard work and stress does get you somewhere. And believe me, you'll like that somewhere. :D

I decided today that yesterday was an unofficial opposite day. A freshman with the most beautiful mane of hair had it up in a ponytail (a gross one, at that). Another guy kept on staring at me (even though usually it's the other way around). I actually did exceedingly well at academic team practice (the two best people weren't there, but still, please don't criticize my glory).

Today was glorious (even though all of these blaring projects and tests and papers I have to do that are constantly crushing me into nothing). I found out some good/bad news. Good news: I got accepted into a prestigious 5-week summer program (I get the details late May). :D Bad news: I am supposedly not allowed to use the internet while I am there (I really am going to look into that though haha). :/

And for this short conversation, it was an AMAZING day:

"Hey, well we have the lit[erature] player on our team." Kid #1
"Dammit." Kid #2
"I'm sure you'd rather have [literally like the top humanities & language arts player in our region]." Me
"No, I'd rather have you." Kid #1

Oh, it was so cheesy & awkward, but I almost died.

ahhhh. ♥ :DD

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