Sunday, May 15, 2011

"If you had access to a time machine, where and when would be the first place you travel to?"

Well, magical question generator, you seem to have read my mind on choosing today to just dream and reminisce. I'm not sure which one would be first, but I definitely would...

Attend the first Beatles concert in America
Run along the beachside out west, sometime in the latter half of the twentieth century
Crash my own wedding
Gossip at the Salem Witch Trials
Dance with the Iroquois
Party with Marie Antoinette
Relive the sweetest night I ever had (sometime in 5th grade haha)
Meet my grandparents when they were young, and visit New Harmony, Indiana
Attend an original showing of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Spy on Thoreau while he was at Walden Pond
Ride through the open west with the cowboys

What would YOU do?


That Blond Guy said...

I would definitely do the first thing. I'd probably do a bunch of other things too, but most of them are illegal.

Jenn said...

wow i love this!