Monday, August 22, 2011

so utterly alone

"I don't really know you."
"That's okay. I don't really know me either."

I've been oddly obsessed with the above song for days now. A really good friend of mine sung it one day in front of a crowd, while we all surrounded her, our ears and our hearts open. Some people just have that power, to really move people, and this beautiful, talented individual was one of those types of people.

I've felt so utterly alone the last couple of days. Friday, the last night my best friend was in town, we spent it eating sundaes, taking a drive around town, and singing at the top of our lungs into the summer night sky. That night was a gift worthy of sitting at the front of the Christmas tree. But alas, the next morning wasn't the greatest, as I watched him zoom off towards college. I broke down in the driveway- crawled in the minivan, and cried.

I can't comprehend the whole truth of that morning, but I've noticed that goodbyes are getting harder, and I don't anticipate them to get easier through life.

There's many different things that have happened since my last post. Well, my best friend went off to college. My friends threw me a (spectacular) surprise party. I started school, now in my last year of high school. My Blogger account is being extremely unattractive and won't cooperate, and won't let me comment on most blogs (which I am very, very, very sorry for).

Well, for now, I'm stuck here craving something more in life. I might invite my friends over for a sleepover sometime soon. And we'll finger paint. Because it's enlightening. And we'll drive two hours away. Just to eat cupcakes. And we'll all walk up a big hill. It's worth it to see that Kentucky Sun set over the rolling hills.

Mack. :)


Jenn said...

cupcakes are a must i say.

That Blond Guy said...

Your blog posts make me both a little happy and a little sad. This post was no exception. Sorry about your best friend moving away. I guess all you can do is best thankful you ever had such a friend.

Laughing With is a great song. Probably the most wonderful and the happiest week of my entire life was when I first discovered Regina Spektor. That's a great song.

At least you're almost done with high school. It will all get better from here. Probably. Cross your fingers, I guess. :)

This is how I feel right now:

But more importantly, how are you?

Ashley said...

I'm a little obsessed with this song. Regina is pretty amazing and so talented it's kind of hard not to love it.:) Mmm...cupcakes!