Thursday, August 4, 2011

Honey, I'm Home!

Well, I'm back for now. I've traveled to far away places, across the globe and across county lines, all in just this year. I've exceeded every boundary I had set for myself, & I am pretty proud of myself for it.

My last five weeks at my program have been phenomenal, although now that it is over, I feel like I moved away from all my closest friends (although the only place I moved to is "home"). I miss them all so very very very much. I met the most lovely people there, and they all take up a big part of my heart now. They all opened me up to trying new things, and I adore them for it.

Speaking of new things, I've updated my "Summer is Not a Bummer" list- check it out up top if you get a chance. :) But I still haven't seen Harry Potter, and I don't really mind. Seeing that movie marks the end of our (or my, at least) childhood, you know?

P.S. Saturday is my 17th birthday!

Much love,
Mack. :)

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