Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Mix of Lists

A List of Lovely Tunes:
1. You & I- Ingrid Michaelson
2. At the Bottom of Everything- Bright Eyes
3. New Theory- Life of Leisure
4. All Those Nights- Chase Coy

A List of Wishes:
1. To forget about him (or at least to care less).
2. To see all of my GSP friends sometime soon.
3. To make something very special of my birthday.
4. To feel better.

A List of Delightful Smells:
1. Strawberries. Anything and everything strawberries.
2. My skin, when it has a hint of chlorine. It is unique, because I never swim. I always question why.
3. Colognes that do not smell of old people.
4. The candles my Momma puts in our kitchen.

A List of Some Material Desires:
1. Sock monkey mittens
2. Concert tickets (I'm waiting for Bon Iver or Holiday Parade to come around again)
3. Fancy pantyhose (because I've randomly grown more feminine as-of-late)
4. Origami paper

A List of Favorite Traits in Others:
1. Eyes that captivate.
2. Wanting to have adventures.
3. Genuinity that shines from their smile.
4. Having a strong passion for something.

A List of Things I Want to Be/Do in the Future:
1. Go on adventures
2. Build houses (including my dream house)
3. Write often
4. Fall in love

*Never settle for less than your favorites.*


That Blond Guy said...

Ah, I love lists. I think making lists is one of the things that gets me through life. They're so organized and neat and clean.

All very good lists. I like all of the songs in the first one too.

Good to see you're back!

Jenn said...

i dig all of these lists.

Kay said...

I love lists. I find them to be quite comforting.