Thursday, November 28, 2013

love, searching

a cord of three,
that is we.

let me weave of this a tale for you-
it may last as long as two lifetimes.
but much like an episode,
a boy and girl crossed paths
crossed stars,
crossed borders and dreams,
and met at a station under the cross 
but still, searching.

the boy, with features so striking,
thought they were his beautiful faults.
oh, but the girl:
she saw no features of herself,
only a humility that came from shame.
they wore their issues on their arms,
their hearts scarred
but still, searching.

the boy saw her first,
but the girl was looking too
(in her heart).
they kissed under a bow-
a gift of God, love truly is.
they played the parts of
Adam and Eve, today,
stumbling slowly
but still, searching.

the girl caught on quick:
this was the only love story she wanted,
wearing a big heart and long embrace.
as long as they loved,
they would be a butterfly circus 
of glory, amazing grace-
but still, searching.

a cord of three,
that is we.

*Sorry you guys, just playing around with poetry again.

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