Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I would wish out of today:

1. You to show up in front of my dorm with your new blue shirt on and to walk with me around campus and to Home Run Burgers.
2. That pregnancy test in my dorm's bathroom to be negative (I did not want to look at the results, either, for that girl's sake).
3. To be able to fall asleep at reasonable times again.
4. Cold Stone Ice Cream, and that desire may never be off of this list at any time, honestly.
5. My brother to keep sending me pictures of my dog every day, because they make me smile to no end.
6. It to be Friday (but at least it gets closer every day).
7. To not have so much fear in my heart.
8. A back massage, and a new backpack that does not literally scar me.
9. One of my friends to experience the same freeing happiness I feel and hope to share.
10. To be thankful for all that I have and am, despite hoping for these (some trivial, some heartfelt) things that I would like to have or experience. :)

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