Tuesday, December 11, 2012

new posts to be had

I started a new blog, thinking I needed a new start with college starting and all. And then I realized, hey! I am still that same person that started writing this blog years ago, just older and part of the way into the freshman fifteen. So I technically have a new "profile," but it is still just me. Hi. I am going to start transporting posts from there to back where they belong- here, home.

I just wanted to share this with everyone, too. I used to be such a wallflower: dreary and stuck like wallpaper. But now, I like to think I am a wildflower: growing and free in the light of the Sun and happiness. Thank you, God, but also thank you to the supporting people in my life.


Jillian said...

Mac! Is it you? Is it really you? :)
You are one of my all time favorite bloggers.

I understand the feeling of wanting to start over. My blog began for years ago when I was a lonely high school freshman. And now heading into college I can't fathom how these four years have changed everything.

That last paragraph, Mac. Going to write it in my journal. Because I am so happy, hally that you have become a wildflower instead. I'm on my way there, see. Just reaching for wildflower status but the wallflower keeps tugging me backwards into complacency.
So glad that you're back. Here's to our college years and always moving.

Unknown said...

Jillian- I think that we have some of the same soul pieces, if that isn't too bizarre of a thought.

I have been really sore about blogging and reading and breathing for too long now, but thank you. Like really, truly, thank you for sticking around.

You will get to the wildflower point- I am still very much on my way too. But it gets lighter the farther you go. :)