Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I feel like these are the stereotypical wishes and desires of college freshman, but here mine are anyways.

things I want out of college:

*to make a new group of friends- a good, close group of friends- with friendships rooted in similar passions.
*to learn an instrument (guitar? bongos? piano?)-
     or maybe just go to a bunch of concerts and sing a lot. :]
*to write more often.
*to volunteer quite a bit.
*to decide what I'm going to do with this "wild and precious living" I have ahead of me-
     Is it rooted in Accounting (NO- haha), or Communications or French, or maybe something else altogether?
*to travel! or to get experience!
*to fall in love with myself.
*to develop my relationship with God.

*to make some cool crafts or something.

*to not give up, no matter what gets thrown my way.
*to start getting myself out there more.
*to not gain too much weight.

things I have learned in my first semester at college:

*it's okay to stand up for yourself- even if it's to your friends.
*you don't want to be the same person you were in high school. seriously.
*being undecided as a major is okay (for now- but seriously, get your stuff together soon if you can).
*sometimes, high school drama follows you to college.
*there's intramural track! And introductory piano classes! And clubs for everything!
*you might have a hard time leaving home because... well, I'm not exactly sure why yet.
*you only need a couple of good friends- those friends that will give you smile lines and make you happy to be yourself, whoever that is anymore- and you will be content with life.
*have a long-distance relationship, and suddenly you appreciate time so much more. It's hard but worth it at the end of the day.
*you should just plain appreciate time. and naps.
*you will mess up sometimes, but it really is okay (especially in the beginning of the semester). there is
always time to fix things.
*look both ways before crossing the street.
*sometimes, luck is the one thing you can never count on, but does come.
*music is a great thing for lonely late nights.

there will be more of these to come, most likely. I have four years to accomplish and learn.

P.S. I am DONE with my first semester. I feel like I was just freed from jail. Or a bird that just leapt out of its nest (and made it). Or Kevin McCallister, when he found out he was home alone. It was so very long of a first semester of college, but I survived.

Holiday- Vampire Weekend.

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Kay said...

It's so nice to be done, isn't it?

College has been so strange for me.

I'm so glad that you've found happiness in college, and that you've gained so much from it.

Here's to a lovely winter break!