Saturday, February 12, 2011

Missed Me?

I'm terribly sorry for not updating in, what, forever, and not being a good reader for a bit longer than that, but I've been working really hard on my schoolwork so I can not feel like a failure all the time. My life has been revolving as of late around academic team (Regionals are this upcoming Saturday), the ACT (which I already have a really good score on but my parents want higher so I can get competitive scholarships and sh*t like that), AP (college-level) English & American History (which I have piles of homework for every week), and trying to fit sleep and happiness and being healthy in there somewhere, although they have all been suffering for maybe three weeks now.

I'm going to be (hopefully) making my Valentines tomorrow, but I have to create 12, and I'm a perfectionist but not an artist, so that will be quite a long process. I might take the "lazy" way out (and make some of them the same), but only because I have to finish them all by tomorrow. :/ I only want to take so long because I don't think these people realize what they mean to me, because I'm really bad with expressing to people how I feel (as I've noticed today, like how I'm not my best friend's "best friend"- it sucks, believe me). But I am really truly going to try and not mess these friendships up, as one already feels lost.

I will try to update every once in awhile, and kind of keep up with the blogs under my radar, but blogging is a form of procrastination, my Mom says, and I don't have enough time to even procrastinate any longer. February is always the busiest ugliest cruellest month for me, but I'll just keep my head up, and you too, and it'll all be fine.

I hope you all aren't feeling buried this February,


That Blond Guy said...

No problem. School is stressful. We dig.

Happy Almost-Valentines Day!

Kay said...

I second that... "we dig"

Also, that's the sweetest thing ever that you make valentines for your friends. Everybody should do that, just to let people know how much they mean to them :)