Monday, May 27, 2013

I am

I am happy.
I am free.
I am colorful.
I am gentle.
I am sentiments.
I am the cracks around my smile.
I am the skin between my toes.
I am my goofy ears.
I am the marks on my bum.
I am my skinned knee.
I am small M&Ms.
I am sweet tea on sunny days.
I am the piano that creeps out of my door.
I am the bird singing outside my window.
I am my dog and his loud snore.
I am my dad's sweaty hugs.
I am that piece of dust under the couch.
I am the vine creeping up the mailbox.
I am the stars in the sky.
I am His.
I am the veins I was given to bleed.

I just Am.

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